At Eastside Bikes we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to you and your bike that is great value for money.

From a Basic to a Pro service and everything in between, our mechanics have decades of experience working on a wide variety of bicycles and will happily talk you through all the options for your service.

We will always test ride your bike before giving it back to you to ensure that all the issues have been diagnosed and repaired to your satisfaction.

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  • Commuter Hybrid

    Apollo CX10, £90

  • Road/ Tourer

    Revolution Country Traveller, £275

  • Folding

    Carrera Transit, £170

  • Commuter

    Raeligh Pioneer, £130

  • Road

    Miele Road Bike, £150

  • Hybrid

    British Eagle, £100

  • Road

    Tifosi Road Bike, £300

  • Rigid MTB

    Ridgeback MX35, £130

  • Commuter

    Raleigh Kandara, £130

  • Commuter

    Ladies Bike, £100

  • Expedition Tourer

    Dawes Sardar, £350